Is it possible to map the streets of Philly that are too small for fire trucks to fit down?

Someone came into Code For Philly’s weekly meetup a couple weeks ago with a project entitled Station Down. The point of the project is to highlight the Philadelphia fire stations that are closing on a two week rotation called a “brown out” to save the department money. The project seeks to pull in the locations of fires and possibly analyze if it may have taken longer for fire fighters to get to the fire because the nearest fire station was closed that week.



I learned that Philadelphia fire trucks can’t fit down all of Philadelphia’s streets, they’re too big. I wondered if you could map those streets that were to small.

tweeted about it and got a couple leads. Philadelphia’s center line data is on github, and while it doesn’t have any data about street width, apparently it includes a “class” on the street that may give clues to it’s size. So I’m checking on that now.

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