Nominated as Civic Hacker of the Year for Construction Permit Heatmap

I was very surprised to get a nomination by Philly’s Pen and Pencil Club as Civic Hacker of the Year early this month. The nation’s oldest press club gave me a nod for the construction permit heat-mapping project[] I did earlier this year while hacking weekly at Code For Philly.


The project’s intent was to determine if you could see neighborhoods in change by tracking the rise of fall of construction permits over time.

Two other programmers¬†with Code for Philly projects were also nominated. Kat Killebrew, for her work with Cycle Philly(for which I wrote Philly’s article breaking the story), and James Tyack for Unlock Philly. I worked with James on Unlock Philly at this year’s Hack4Access hackathon, coding a map that showed Philly train stops in Google transit directions that were not accessible via elevators. We won the hackathon for the effort. Both projects do a great job of highlighting how you can use technology to both tell a hidden story about Philly, and prompt it’s citizens to change the city for the better.

It was really cool to be nominated.


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